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Women in Ministry United Podcast

Spiritual Insight to Help Us Grow [EP:119]

Jan 06, 2022

Do you keep track of the things God is saying and revealing to you? What verses of scripture just keep coming up? What words, phrases, or concepts rise to the surface? What dreams has He planted? What types of invitations has He given to you?


Finding a way to record our spiritual insights helps us grow in intimacy with Jesus. But our growth doesn't stop there. Sharing our insights with others helps us grow in community and is a way that God often speaks to others. 


My pastor always said, "God comes to people through people." How many times has someone shared what God is teaching them and you've thought to yourself...I've been thinking of that same thing! That is a common way that God works and speaks!


In today's episode of the podcast, I am sharing spiritual insights that God has been teaching me over the last year. You may find that God speaks directly to you through what He is teaching me.


Here's a brief list of what I share:

  • I reap what I sow....
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