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Are you in ministry and find yourself exhausted from it all? Do you struggle creating boundaries? Do you want a day off? You are in the right place!


The Women in Ministry United podcast is for women who want to break free from overwhelm, lead with focus, and have time for things outside of ministry. 

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3 Ways You're Contributing to Your Overwhelm in Ministry [EP:105]

Aug 19, 2021

Do you feel like your time and energy is being taken over by all there is to do? Is the pressure from all the things weighing heavily on you? Do you feel like you’ve lost control? Are you in a constant cycle of putting out fires and feel like you’re trying to keep your head above water. Do you sometimes feel like it is just too much? 

That's overwhelm.

Now, I realize that overwhelm is a word that you may not use readily in your vocabulary.  In fact, you may shy away from it or flat out deny that you are dealing with overwhelm. The idea of overwhelm has been connected to weakness because one of the definitions of overwhelm is to be overpowered by something that is stronger. And we like to think we’re in control, even when things are out of control. We think that as long as we manage the mess, we’re not overwhelmed. 

Let me share for a moment, a bit more about what overwhelm can be.

  • To bury or drown beneath a huge mass
  • To defeat...
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