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Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

Ministry can be challenging. Great leaders get into relationships where they can share their biggest struggles and get support. Don't let overwhelm steal your joy and minimize your impact.

  • Stop feeling chaotic.
  • Focus on your priorities.
  • Get rid of the emotional and mental fatigue.
  • Care for your soul.
  • Spend more time with your friends and family.
YES, I'm ready!


Coaching helps you discover what matters most. When you understand your priorities, you eliminate chaos and overwhelm. You will also get clear around fears, lies, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from making progress.

Individualized Support

Life and ministry can be complicated but you don't have to navigate it alone. And it's particularly powerful to have someone walk alongside you who gets it! A coaching relationship provides someone to listen to you, ask meaningful questions, and provide direction to get you make progress. 


If you want a different pace to life and ministry and make progress with your priorities, you will have to make different choices. It can be tough, A coach gives you encouragement as you keep the commitment you're making to yourself.

Join me for a free, 20 minute Discovery Call over Zoom to see if coaching is the next right step for you!

You CAN make progress on your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

A coach is someone who walks alongside another and helps them get from where they are to where they want to be. I will ask you questions to help you gain clarity so you can identify your next steps.

This is a great question. Sometimes we aren't sure and that's why I offer a free, one time Discovery Call. During our time, I will answer your questions and find out your challenges. My prayer is that our conversation will give you wisdom as to whether or not coaching is your next right step.


You can sign up for a Discovery Call via Zoom on the page above.

I have been both coach and coachee. My coaching journey started in 2008 when I entered into a coaching relationship while serving as a solo pastor. That relationship continued for over 11 years and helped me navigate two pastorates as well as transition into what I do today.

I also have received coach training and personally coached pastors and leaders in the area of life and leadership as well as organizational change.

There are two options for coaching. One is a coaching package which includes 3, one hour coaching sessions. The other is to schedule a single one hour coaching session. Both offer support via Voxer for 7 days after each coaching call.

I wanted to create enough time and space for you to gain traction and make progress but not lock you into something long term. Creating a coaching package with three sessions is the best way to serve you and help you move forward.

However, if committing to three sessions seems too much, you can try it out by selecting the single session coaching call.

Perfect! Just sign up for a single coaching session. You can sign up for as many "single" sessions as you'd like. If you think multiple sessions would serve you better, consider the 3 session package. It will cost you less!

That is totally up to you! You get to decide when you'd like to have your coaching call. If you have committed to three sessions, we will move at your pace. You get to decide how long we go in between sessions. If you want to wait days or weeks in between, you schedule the next session when you are ready!

Once you sign up for coaching, you will receive a confirmation email that has a link to my calendar. Pick a time that works for you. Once you schedule our first call, you will receive a Zoom link for our meeting. When it's time for our session, just click the link! It's that simple.

If we are doing multiple sessions together, when you are ready for your next session, use the same calendar link to schedule our time together! If you lose the link, no worries, just email me at [email protected] and I'll send it to you again.


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