Do you find yourself...


  • Running from one thing to the next?
  • Stressed out trying to keep up with the relentless pace of ministry?
  • Struggling to find time to be fully present with family and friends?
  • Feeling guilty for wanting time away from ministry...and wanting time for yourself? After all, you are working for God, so is it really fair to have times when you're unavailable?
  • Worrying about getting it all done and disappointing people if you don't?

It is wise for you to create healthy boundaries so you can have the margin you need to thrive. Are you ready for things to change?



  • you had space to exhale.

  • you had the capacity to get things done.

  • you had the chance to linger.

  • you had regular rhythms of rest.

  • you had unhurried time with family and friends.

  • you were able to enjoy time for yourself.

  • you were able to lead with focus and have time for other things.

4-Week Workshop

We'll journey together through weekly teachings that will help you make the margin you want. You'll get specific on your priorities in ministry and life, create a plan of action, and establish rhythms and boundaries for the long haul.

Q&A and Prayer

During the Margin Maker experience we will have live calls for Q&A and prayer. Each call will be recorded and available for you to download to watch at your convenience. 

All in One Place

The workshop sessions, Q&A and prayer calls, PDF's, bonus resources and all of the links will be on one easy-to-access platform.

The next Margin Maker experience will begin the first week of January. Join the waitlist and get notified when registration opens.



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