Your Starter Guide to Creating NEW Healthy Rhythms and Boundaries

Life has radically changed. When will it be over? When can we get back to normal?

But do you REALLY want to go back to normal?

Normal was filled with busyness and brought you to the edge of burnout. Now is the time to redefine normal and decide who you want to be when this is over.

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Hey there! I'm Jen...

I'm glad you're here! We are living and leading in unprecedented times. I am sure the coronavirus has disrupted your life and ministry in countless ways. I am right there with you.

Before COVID-19 burst on the scene, I was preparing to launch a new community of women who would support one another as they gave up the perpetual cycle of busyness that had become all too common in ministry. Then everything changed. In a blink of an eye, we were forced to stop. I found myself wanting things to go back to normal. And I wondered how I could support women in ministry going forward.

Then it hit me. I didn't really want things to go back to normal. In fact, I've spent years trying to give up normal. The normal busyness and pace were unsustainable. In fact, I've had countless conversations with women in ministry who shared that they too felt overwhelmed and discouraged as they tried to handle it all.

Why would we want to go back to that?

The truth is we don't want to go back. We want to redefine normal and this season is a perfect opportunity to do just that and decide who we want to be on the other side of this pandemic.

Download the Starter Guide Now and Discover The Six Keys To Creating Healthy Rhythms and Boundaries:

  • Discover six key areas of focus that will help you find freedom, margin and peace.
  • Identify your greatest places of need.
  • Get clarity on what you want to do in order to create the rhythms and boundaries you desire.

Redefining Normal Starter Guide

Leverage this season of COVID-19 and create new healthy rhythms and boundaries.